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Practical Guttering For Every Home

High quality guttering systems are essential to ensure a long-lasting, reliable, leak-free performance. Our complete guttering services include the supply of premier uPVC gutters, combining practicality and functionality with a visually appealing finish.

Functional, Attractive

Built for easy installation, we offer a huge variety of gutters in many different styles, colours and sizes. Whatever your requirements and tastes, we will have something that is guaranteed to offer a permanent guttering solution whilst also complementing the exterior of your property.

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Underground Drainage

We offer top class plastic underground drainage supplies that are suitable for all of our domestic and commercial projects. Whether you’re conducting a small DIY job or undertaking a large-scale construction project, our extensive range ensures that we can meet all of your individual requirements.

Extensive Range

All of our underground drainage is of the highest quality and guarantees long-lasting, reliable results. We supply everything from drainage pipes and fittings, and access and land fittings, to gullies, inspection chambers, and adaptors and reducers – so have a look at what we offer!

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Removing Soil and Waste The Easy Way

Available in various sizes and colours, all of our soil and waste removal systems are manufactured using the highest quality materials and comply with all relevant British Standards. Our Pushfit and Solvent systems guarantee effective waste removal and reliable, long-lasting results.

Complete Systems

Our soil and waste systems are size compatible with all leading manufacturers, and our universal compression fittings mean that even systems which aren’t directly compatible can be connected. We also supply a selection of waste traps, shower gullies and overflow systems, all of which are suitable for a variety of applications.

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Soffits, Fascias and Cladding for your Roofline

From fascias and soffits to window trims and fittings, our extensive range of boards and cladding ensures that we can cater to all your roofing needs. Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, our products are highly workable and easy to install, combining functionality with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Reliable, Durable

Featuring good insulation properties, our soffits, fascias and cladding are manufactured using only the highest quality uPVC. The impermeable qualities of our boards ensure that the finished result is weather resistant, fire resistant and highly durable.

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Outstanding Double-Glazing Options

High quality double glazing makes a property safer, warmer and more secure, providing good insulation properties and enabling you to be more energy efficient. Our range of double glazing options combine functionality with an aesthetically appealing finish, and add value whilst visually enhancing your home.

High Quality uPVC

Our range of high quality uPVC double glazing options is available in a number of finishes, styles and colours. From domestic to commercial clients, whatever your individual requirements, you can count on us to have what you need – so call us about our extensive range of fixtures and fittings today!

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Polycarbonate and Flat-Sheeting Supplies

Whether you work in the construction industry or simply fancy some DIY, our polycarbonate sheets provide the perfect solution for conservatory roofing, greenhouses, carports and canopies. They are available in various thickness levels and come pre-cut into shape or as cut-to-size rectangles.

Solar Inserts

Our flat-sheeting is weather and UV resistant and also provides good insulation for your property. Our polycarbonate solar inserts are also a superb option for reflecting solar heat and stop your conservatory becoming unusable in hot, summer months.

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Tools for Every Job, Big or Small

We stock a huge range of tools and accessories, which are suitable for a variety of applications. From power tools and hand tools to tools suitable for gardening, plumbing and mechanics, no matter what the type or size of the job, we will have the ideal solution for you.

Domestic or Commercial

Whether you are a domestic customer undertaking a small DIY project or a commercial client conducting a much larger, industrial one, we have the tools and accessories suitable for you. We supply only the highest quality products, made by the most established manufacturers, so enquire about our comprehensive range today.

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Adhesives & Accessories
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Silicones, Adhesives and Accessories

We supply an extensive range of silicones and adhesives, all of which are suitable for a variety of applications. From bathroom sealant and waterproof sealant, to mirror adhesive and fire retardant silicone, our huge selection ensures that whatever your intended use, we will have the ideal solution for you.

Coloured Silicones

Whether you are a commercial or domestic client, choosing the right colour silicone is incredibly important. We have a large variety of colours and finishes to choose from, ensuring that the end result complements its environment. We also supply mould resistant adhesives for use in wet areas, such as bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

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