StormClad Hygiene Cladding Sheet


What is STORMclad?

STORMclad is a flat, solid PVC sheet. Specifically designed and manufactured for use in hygiene environments. STORMclad also offers excellent resistance to chemicals and is suitable for use in food industry applications. It can be easily formed, fabricated and used for digital or traditional printing.

What is STORMclad used for?

STORMclad can be used in food and hygiene areas, clinics and hospitals, schools, laboratories and commercial kitchens.

What is the best thing for STORMclad?

Hygiene wall cladding.

Why use STORMclad?

STORMclad is food and hygiene approved and has a class 1/0 fire rating, STORMclad is competitively priced, readily available from STORM Building Products and comes with a complete range of trims and adhesive.

Who commonly uses STORMclad? 

Cladding installers, shop fitters, building contractors, decorators, plastics distributors and builders merchants.

Where is STORMclad most commonly installed?

Commercial washrooms/kitchens, schools, hospitals and public WCs.

When should STORMclad be considered? When should it be installed?

Considered for areas where wipe clean surfaces are needed and hygiene is of importance. It is easy to be installed while building work is going on.

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122mm, 96mm


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